Bone & soft tissue pathology myxoid dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans with composite features of giant cell fibroblastoma steven billings click on each slide thumbnail image for an enlarged view the differential diagnosis of myxoid spindle cell tumors of the skin is broad, including a variety of both benign and malignant entities. Immunohistochemical stains may be useful but need to be interpreted with caution. Careful attention to sometimes subtle histologic features is key to accurate diagnosis. does viagra daily use really work Clinical history: a 26-year-old man presented with a painful nodule on the back, clinically thought to be a cyst. Slide 1 click to view with imagescope click to view with a web-based viewer figure 1 scanning magnification demonstrated a myxoid tumor involving the deep dermis and subcutis. Viagra reviews Figure 2 the tumor was composed of randomly arranged cells embedded in a prominent myxoid stroma. bars near viagra triangle Figure 3 the tumor cells were relatively bland spindled to stellate cells with hyperchromatic nuclei. Figure 4 high power view demonstrating the spindled and stellate tumor cells. bars near viagra triangle Figure 5 within the tumor there were ecstatic thin-walled vessels. Figure 6 in some areas there were delicate capillaries in the stroma. Can u get viagra over the counter Figure 7 the tumor infiltrated through the subcutaneous fat that in areas resulted in a honeycomb pattern. viagra discount sales Figure 8 scattered multinucleated tumor cells were present. Figure 9 there was a focal area that was more cellular. In this area the tumor cells had a storiform growth pattern. the effects of viagra on young men Pathologic findings: the specimen consisted of a skin ellipse with attached soft tissue that was 2. 5 cm in greatest dimension. viagra buy online germany The soft tissue had a gelatinous cut surface and no cyst was apparent. buy cheap viagra online uk Microscopically, the tumor involved the deep reticular dermis and extensively involved the subcutaneous fat. information sur viagra The tumor had an infiltrative growth pattern, dissecting between collagen bundles of the dermis. buying viagra online without prescription In the subcutis, the tumor had some areas with a relatively blunt interface but also had infiltrative zones where the tumor infiltrated between individual adipocytes in a honeycomb pattern. The tumor was composed of randomly arranged spindled to stellate cells embedded within a myxoid stroma. The cells were fairly monomorphous with hyperchromatic nuclei, but scattered multinucleated cells were present. Viagra from canada reviews Focally, some tumor cells lined clefts within the stroma. The underlying vasculature showed scattered ectatic vessels as well as delicate branching capillaries. cheap generic viagra A focal. buy viagra from usa

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